1P Cow and Donkey Shape Iron Silhouette, Outdoor Garden Fence Ornament, Yard Decor

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1.Design and Drawing: Our products are designed and drawn by professional designers to ensure accurate appearance and structure.


2.Matériaux Sélectionnés: We select the highest quality iron sheets as raw materials to ensure the quality and lifespan of our products.


3.Laser Cutting: We use laser cutting technology to precisely cut the iron sheets according to the design drawings, ensuring that each product's size and shape meets the requirements.


4.Hand Polishing: Each product requires careful hand polishing to ensure a smooth surface with no burrs, and no sharp edges at the cut-out area to prevent injury to our customers during use.


5.Coating and Baking: After polishing, our products go through a coating and baking process to improve their corrosion resistance and appearance. The paint we use is environmentally friendly and does not pollute the environment.


6.Product Screening: To ensure that every customer receives a quality product, we carefully select the most complete products for delivery. This production process ensures the quality of our products, but also increases our costs.

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